William became Diana's "soulmate" as she had no one else to confide in; even as a 10YO he sweetly supported her

William became Diana's "soulmate" as she had no one else to confide in; even as a 10YO he sweetly supported her

"The princess proudly told friends that William was her 'soulmate.' It was a turn of phrase that left many distinctly uneasy."

She may have been surrounded by comfort; she may have been surround by people at her beck and call; she may have graced many magazine and newspapers with her gorgeous smile. Yet, Princess Diana lived an unsatisfied life within the palace while she was married to Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales.

Whenever she stepped out of the palace, Princess Diana had the blinding spotlight on her and nobody could tell for a while that she and Prince Charles were having marital problems. However, inside the palace, Princess Diana lived with an emotional longing caused by her husband's distant behavior. Her only source of comfort was her sons, and the older one, Prince William, was the bearer of all her secrets; the little man lent his shoulders more often than most young kids may have in similar circumstances.


"The princess proudly told friends that William was her 'soulmate,'" Veteran royal correspondent Robert Jobson, wrote in his 2006 book, William’s Princess, as quoted by Express. "It was a turn of phrase that left many distinctly uneasy."

Some found it strange that she called her son her soulmate, but Princess Diana had no choice but to lean on her son whilst feeling lonely in her marriage. She also believed being open with her boys, Prince William and Prince Harry, was the best way to keep things real, but some believe that she went too far by burdening Prince William with worries too huge for his age.

Jobson wrote, "Some even cautioned her against confiding so unreservedly in her eldest son. But she insisted that her boys hear the truth from her lips."


The author goes on to write, "It was not solely a quirk of Diana’s personality that she chose her son as confidant. Some psychologists claim that when a marriage is rocky, the mother often turns to her oldest child for the emotional support and advice she would normally hope to receive from her husband. This is what Diana did and sometimes she simply went too far, burdening William with problems that he should never have been asked to shoulder."

There were even times when Prince William would yell at his father when he saw Prince Charles having heated arguments with Princess Diana. "He could not bear to hear his parents bicker any longer," Royal author Katie Nicholl wrote in her 2010 book, William and Harry, as quoted by Express.


Enraged by the consequences the fights had on his mom, Prince William once shouted at his father, "I hate you, Papa. I hate you so much. Why do you make Mummy cry all the time?"

Knowing that his father and mother were miserable together, Prince would be the one to "pass his mother tissues through the bedroom door as she sobbed on the other side," Nicholl wrote.

By 1992, Princess Diana and Prince Charles believed their marriage problems were beyond repair and they decided to separate. And through it all, Prince William watched his parents' marriage fall apart while lending a steady hand of support to his mom.


"William also had a knack of spotting what Princess Diana needed," wrote Jobson, according to Express. "Throughout the turmoil of his parents’ marriage crisis in 1992, he assumed the role of supportive son. He was just ten but already, in Diana’s eyes at least, he had reached that rewarding age when the child becomes a companion and friend to his parent, able to grasp, at least in part, a parent’s adult troubles. Whenever Diana felt uncertain, William was there for her."

Prince William wanted nothing more than to keep his mother protected and "he once told her that he wanted to be a policeman so that he could protect her," Jobson revealed. "Her heart must have ached with love at his earnest words."

After Prince Charles and Princess Diana went on to officially divorce in 1996, she still continued to confide in her son about the relationships she had with other men.


During her final days before the fatal crash that killed her, Princess Diana spoke to Prince William over the phone about Dodi al-Fayed, whom she was romantically involved with.

"Again Diana confided in William, talking over the differences between Dodi and [ex-boyfriend] Hasnat Khan, after whom she still hankered," Jobson wrote. "It was an extraordinary topic of conversation for a mother to be having with her 15-year-old son, but he was well used to it. If it was William’s blessing for her relationship with Dodi that she wanted, then she got it. Dodi made his mother laugh; he seemed to make her genuinely happy. At last, Diana had found happiness in her private life and everybody – including her ex-husband – was pleased for her."

Sadly, Dodi also happened to be the person Diana took her last journey with as they met their fate together in a car crash leading to their deaths. 

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