Mom protests after 14-year-old daughter is placed in isolation for wearing faka eyelashes to school

Mom protests after 14-year-old daughter is placed in isolation for wearing faka eyelashes to school

Angela Jackson, who is not ready to back out, sends her daughter to school with false eyelashes as a sign of resistance. Netizens, however, think it's not a battle worth fighting.

A furious mother is facing backlash for complaining about how her teen daughter was disciplined for breaching school's uniform rules with her false eyelashes. 14-year-old Chelsea Silk recalled being in tears when one of the staff members allegedly stood over her in the washroom until she took off her fake lashes. Soon after, the Royal Wootton Bassett Academy contacted her mother Angela Jackson, and informed her that her daughter's false lashes went against the uniform code. Ever since then, the teenager has been placed in isolation every day she came to school wearing them, reports Daily Mail

"I went in to pick her up and she was very upset because someone stood over at the basin until she took them off," recalled Jackson, who is a kennel assistant and volunteer for dog rescue charities. Instead of accepting that her daughter did overdo it by continuously wearing eyelashes to school even though she was specifically asked not to, Jackson is actually taking a stand against the academy for subjecting her daughter to isolation over false eyelashes. She is adamant about not backing down over something she calls "Lashgaste."


"'I will not back down on this and she will keep going into school wearing the eyelashes. It means that she will be in the isolation unit. She has never been in there before for anything and has never had a detention," continued the mother. Jackson failed to understand how wearing eyelashes to school impacted her daughter's curriculum. "I don't see how wearing false eyelashes impacts on her school work. I took photographs of her wearing one set of false lashes like she does for school and another of her wearing two. I accept that wearing two sets would be inappropriate but I can't see that the one set can cause any problems," she shared.

But people on social media criticized the mother and agreed with the school's strict uniform policy. "Always believed uniform. Discipline is a key part of education. It doesn't set a good example going against policy - it makes a child spoilt. You don't go to a job wearing something that is unnecessary. School is for learning it's not a fashion parade. People should encourage their children to follow rules, not to be disobedient and break them," wrote one user according to Daily Mail.

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"I agree with the school, there's jobs out there that aren't allowed to wear acrylic nails, does that mean the company is pathetic? Uniform and school policies are no different to company uniform and policies they are there for a reason! When I was younger I wasn't allowed to wear the fashionable blue eyeshadow and mascara and had to take it off at school! If you can't abide by school policies then there's no hope if you get a Job with uniform and strict policies in the future!" shared another. There were others who pointed out that Jackson had picked the wrong battle as her daughter didn't really need to wear eyelashes to school.

"Go put your big girl pants on and get over yourself. It's a school not a bloody nightclub! If kids can't follow rules at school what the hell are they going to be like when they start work? I hope some of these school CHILDREN think about applying for the armed forces," a third chimed in. But the mother seemed unfazed by the public scrutiny as she resolved that unless the school specially banned eyelashes, her 14-year-old would continue wearing them. The uniform policy of the school requires make-up to be kept minimal i.e. neutral tones. It does not allow artificial nails and nail varnish but false eyelashes are not mentioned specifically on the website. 


"I have never had any complaints about Chelsea over anything else," noted the mother of three. "Most of the girls in her year wear false eyelashes. She has been told before not to wear them but I totally disagree they are a health hazard." That being said, she is worried that Chelsea would be prevented from going on a trip to Swanage which is part of her GCSE coursework. Moreover, she is missing out on practical work preparing students for their next year's GCSE exams during her time in isolation. According to the Deputy head Mari Roberts, the school is trying to handle the situation as empathetically as possible. 

"The school is aware that the mother does not support us right now, but we have spent time working with her and her daughter to de-escalate the situation. The school adopts an empathetic inclusive approach to individual student needs as is the case in this instance. Our Behaviour for Learning school system was in place pre-Covid and we have not changed any of the high expectations we have of our students. We provide stability and consistency for our students and families in a time of Covid instability. The majority of our parent body support us, making us an extremely popular school," said Roberts.

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