Puppy goes into emergency surgery after swallowing 20 coins from owner's handbag

Puppy goes into emergency surgery after swallowing 20 coins from owner's handbag

The bag was missing and the owner had no idea that the dog had taken it.

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A 12-week-old pup, Bichon Frise cross, was required to undergo emergency surgery after ingesting 20 coins from her owner's handbag. 

The PDSA, a vet charity, told the Independent that Daisy began vomiting after she stopped eating and her owner became concerned. A 2p penny was also discovered in her vomit, reports BBC. Daisy was inspected and veterinarians discovered that her stomach was giving her distress, increasing the possibility of a blockage, so she was anesthetized and X-rayed.



A puppy or dog who enjoys eating anything within reach may frequently be unwell after ingesting coins. Not only does ingesting coins increase the chance of an esophageal or intestinal blockage, but the substances in coins degrade when they come into touch with the stomach's gastric make-up, per Wag Walking. The zinc released as a result of the stomach's low PH is subsequently transferred in the form of caustic zinc salts to the liver, bones, pancreas, and other organs.  Zinc salts can be caustic to tissues such as muscles and the prostate, causing irritation.

X-ray photos revealed that Daisy had ingested 13 1p coins, three 5p coins, two 20p coins, and two £1 coins. Daisy's owner Ivana, a mother of two from Derby, said, "I couldn’t believe it when PDSA rang to tell me Daisy had swallowed so many coins. My purse had been missing and we’d searched high and low for it, not thinking it was Daisy who was the culprit who ran off with it."



She added, "I had no idea a puppy would even eat this sort of thing and we were all beside ourselves with worry and so scared we might lose her. My four-year-old daughter is best friends with Daisy and she was very upset."

The puppy went into emergency surgery and it was successful. Daisy was allowed to go home with painkillers and antibiotics the next day, according to the PDSA. Vet nurse Sally Frith, who works at Derby PDSA Pet Hospital, said, "Daisy has broken a new record – we couldn’t believe the number of coins she’d managed to eat, especially for such a tiny puppy." She further said, "The coins had been causing a blockage which, if left, could have been fatal so it’s a good job her owner brought her in to PDSA when she did." 

"Daisy has been back for check-ups and we’re pleased she’s recovering and healing well," she added.

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