Puppy trapped in an SUV's engine finds a home after one of the firefighters who rescued her adopted her

Puppy trapped in an SUV's engine finds a home after one of the firefighters who rescued her adopted her

The firefighter was praised for showing the stray puppy the kind of love and compassion she may not have received before.

What began as a two-hour-long rescue to help a puppy trapped inside a car ended on a happy note with the furry friend finding a forever home for herself. On April 10, when Maryanne Davidson walked back to her car with her friends in White Rock, Dallas, she realized there was a little puppy stuck underneath their SUV. "We saw that there was an animal underneath our vehicle. We try very hard to get it out... So we call 311, and 911...," Maryanne said, as reported by WKRG.


Once firefighters arrived, they spent about two hours trying to safely get the puppy out of the SUV's engine and wound up removing one of the vehicles' tires in the process. As they tried retrieving her, the firefighters approached the little canine from both the top as well as the bottom of the car to make sure they didn't cause any harm to her.


"It took two hours – we had to take the car apart took off the tire, but it took two hours to get this beautiful girl out from underneath the engine," Maryanne said.


"We were all really invested in making sure the dog was taken care of and I’m really thankful it’s a good story. You know, when our public servants have to go out they see a lot of the worst and this really turned into a great story," said Kari Keeton, the car's owner, as reported by FOX 4.


After the rescue, the puppy was transferred to the Dallas Animal Services and Adoption Center, and a few days later, one of the firefighters involved in her rescue decided to adopt her and make her a part of his family. The firefighter, James Tooter Hayes, gave the puppy a home on his ranch, where she has a number of animals to keep her company and has plenty of space to run around all she wants.


Glad that the story has a happy ending, Maryanne told WKRG, "...The best part of this story is Firefighter Tooter Hayes with Station 31 has adopted this little girl. I asked him, 'what are you gonna name her?' And he said well the grace of God brought us together so her name will be Grace."

Following Grace's adoption, the Dallas Fire-Rescue also appreciated Hayes for showing the puppy the kind of compassion she may not have received during her days as a stray. The fire department put up a post on Facebook and thanked everyone involved in giving Grace the home she deserves.


"Things like this don't happen without the #compassion of multiple people," the fire department wrote. "#Attaboy to the citizens who thought the value of an animal's life important enough to call 911 in the first place. Thank you to the fine folks of Dallas Animal Services and Adoption Center for always placing the needs of our four-legged residents at the forefront. Thank you to the members of DFR for #Caring, #Serving and #Protecting, for humans and animals alike. And saving the best for last..... thank you to James Tooter Hayes for showing Grace the love and compassion she clearly hadn't received prior to this past Saturday!"


Cover image source: Dallas Fire-Rescue/Facebook

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