Cruel woman hurls innocent puppy at stranger in anger, and does nothing as the poor animal howls in pain on the road

Cruel woman hurls innocent puppy at stranger in anger, and does nothing as the poor animal howls in pain on the road

The video shows the woman blocking the man from going towards his car while carrying the dog in one arm.

Trigger warning: contains graphic content that may be distressing to some

An abusive young woman joined the long line of "Karens" who feel a sense of entitlement because of the color of their skin and go on offensive rants at the expense of someone else's dignity. And the "Karen" in this story was not just insulting and disrespectful to another person, but blatantly abusive to an innocent animal.

The video was shared on Twitter from the account @Mulaflare and showed the woman badgering the man with a verbal altercation. The twitter user shared a video with the tweet, "How it started" and the footage shows the woman and the man in the middle of a conflict where she rants about voting before turning aggressive.

With the terrified puppy in her arm, the woman tries to attack the man while he is sitting in his car.


Another video that the man posted showed how the altercation escalated to the woman blocking the man from entering his car and rambling on while holding the puppy in one arm.

"Why you holding the dog like that?" the man asked, according to Yahoo! News.

There were some instances in the video where the woman can be seen raising her hand and attempting to hit the man, after which he would ask her to back off.

As the heated altercation continues, the woman was also heard saying, "You are Black."

"I said, you are black," the woman said again when the man asked her to repeat what she said.

"So what? So what if I’m f****** Black?" the man asks and the woman responds, "So what if I’m f****** white?"

The confused man, who seemed to have no idea why the woman was stopping him from going to his car, pointed out to her that she was the one who brought up the subject of race.

The woman continues to ramble until the man asks her if the dog she is holding belongs to her. And the woman pauses for a fraction of a second before cruelly throwing the innocent puppy at the man. The helpless dog lands on the ground and then runs towards the man for safety.


The woman's identity was not revealed but thankfully, the puppy was safely rescued from her abusive care. However, she tried to accuse the man of stealing her dog after video shows that it was literally she who carelessly flung the poor animal at him in anger. An update was later posted, showing the happy puppy around people giving the little one lots of love.


According to Heavy, the man named the dog Movie and even set up an Instagram account dedicated to the dog. Movie's account has already got 204k followers on Instagram in a short while.

A GoFundMe page was also set up to raise funds for Movie and it said, "Movie was rescued from a psycho Karen by the person she was thrown at this is for anyone who wants to help her!"


The video of the woman throwing the dog was shared on Twitter on October 10 and it has so far got 22.5 million views. A number of people even donated to the GoFundMe page set up for Movie and people exceeded the target of $3,000 with the page received a total of $5,117 and still counting.


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