Residents come together to pull pickup truck up a steep hill after it toppled off and crashed

Residents come together to pull pickup truck up a steep hill after it toppled off and crashed

The driver's niece saw the vehicle crash and smashed the windows open to let her uncle out. Soon, the residents showed up to save the day.

In a heartwarming display of teamwork and camaraderie, residents of a village joined hands in pulling a pickup truck up a steep hill after the vehicle skidded off a dirt road and crashed. The incident was captured in the Chiang Mai province in northern Thailand, where the vehicle was traveling on a dirt road and lost control of the pickup truck. The vehicle reportedly rolled over the hills, flipped a few times, and wound up getting stuck at the bottom of a terraced cabbage field.

"I saw the pickup truck toppled down the hill and flipped multiple times," said the driver's niece, Malinee Laowang, according to Good News Network. "I remember running towards the car and smashing the windows open with a rock to let my relative out. More villagers came to help us even without asking," the niece added. Over fifty people living in the area had come to the spot to help the driver and pull the pickup truck up the steep slope. About an hour later, the helpful locals managed to pull the toppled truck up the hill and get it back on the road again.


Thankfully, Malinee's uncle got out of the crash with only minor cuts and bruises. "My uncle was not seriously hurt and his car would be repaired," Malinee added. "I would like to thank the villagers for helping us out." A similar incident took place in Nagaland, India, where more than a hundred villagers came together to pull a truck out of a gorge in January, 2021.

According to Indian Express, the truck carrying ginger lost control and fell into a nearly-70-feet-deep gorge. Villagers soon rallied together and tied up ropes, bamboos, and vines to get the truck back up. Videos of the incident were widely shared, and they show the locals singing together to push each other on during the unusual rescue operation.


Zashevezo Rhakho, the council chairman of the village named Kutsapo, spoke to EastMojo and explained how they called up people who were "fit and not sick" to come forward and help with the operation, according to Indian Express.

"About a hundred of men positively turned up for the rescue operation," Zashevezo said and added that the truck was pulled up faster than what they had initially estimated.


"The truck fell few metres down the road at a turning point," Zashevezo explained. "We tied ropes to the truck and build steps with bamboo to prevent the truck from skidding down when we pull it. We cleared the areas where the tyres will roll-up. That is how we managed to easily pull it off."

Videos of the operation were widely shared and received plenty of positive comments about the power of teamwork.




Cover image source: Good News Network/YouTube

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