BrewDog has found a unique way to help street dogs get adopted and guess which celeb is ALL IN for the cause?

BrewDog has found a unique way to help street dogs get adopted and guess which celeb is ALL IN for the cause?

The comedian has never shied away from showing how much he loves dogs and has been an active speaker against animal cruelty.

Brewdog founders, James Watt and Martin Dickie, were bored of the beer they had been consuming for years. With a desire for something new, they came up with the idea to establish their own brewery. Thus, in 2007, BrewDog came into existence, reports their website.

Only 24 at the time they began, they leased a building in Fraserburgh, got a huge loan, spent all their money on equipment, and ventured to brew some beer that everyone would love.

What started as a small business of hand-sold bottles at local markets from the back of a beat-up old van, BrewDog has now carved a niche in the market and even teamed up with Dogs on the Streets and All Dogs Matter to help stray dogs find new homes aacross the UK. A new high the founders experienced is having comedian Ricky Gervais partner with them in this soulful campaign.

The Scottish brewery announced the collaboration with Gervais on August 13 after he gave them a shoutout during this Twitter live last month. The After Life actor urged businesses to donate to charities rather than paying celebrities for endorsements, reported ABC6.



He said, “Is that not f*****g amazing?” He continued, “If that was my only legacy, I’d be happy with that," reported Vinepair.

The creators of the brewery got inspired by the comedian's words and decided to help the pooches. With the unique announcement, BrewDog is revamping their Punk IPA cans and relaunching it as Street Dog for a short while. The limited period edition will be available in a 12 pack of 330ml cans, reported The Sun.

The new design gives space on the can to advert snaps of pooches who are in need of a forever him at Dogs on the Streets and All Dogs Matter. They hope that the potential new owners would pick up BrewDog for a good time and will be inspired to give these dogs their love and a home.



Taking about the idea, Watt said, "At BrewDog we are always looking for ways to use our business to do good. When Ricky tweeted us with a genuine endorsement for Punk IPA, we wanted to use our platform to donate to causes he’s passionate about."

"We then decided to take it one step further and not only donate the profits from our Street Dog cans, but give our pawsome four-legged friends over at Dogs on the Streets and All Dogs Matter, space on our cans to help them find forever homes," he continued. He also disclosed that 100% of the profit earned from the sales of Street Dog would be split between Dogs on the Streets and All Dogs Matter.



The Brewery has also decided to support Animal Friends, an animal welfare that serves pets and people in and around Pittsburg as well as Gigi’s Shelter Services, a Columbus-based agency that helps adoption centers and rescue resources to connect across the country, reported ABC6.

Gervais is known to be vocal about animal rights. He often uses his Twitter platform to talk about cruelty against animals, reported Vinepair. He announced in 2017 that he plans to give away his fortune to animal charities one day. He wrote, “I was going to give my fortune to animal charities after I die. But I’ve decided to do it just before I die so I get to see all the whining." 

He once confessed that he nearly cried while saying goodbye to the dog who is featured with him in the Netflix series After Life. Express reported him saying, "It's so funny - when I said goodbye to the cast and crew on the last day we were hugging everyone... But when I said goodbye to the dog, that's when I nearly cried!"

"Because I was thinking: She doesn't know why she's not going to see me next week," he said. He concluded saying, "We've been working together for so long... so I probably overestimated how sad the dog was to not be seeing me."

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