Samuel L. Jackson says family's love changed his life as he opens up about his addiction battle

Samuel L. Jackson says family's love changed his life as he opens up about his addiction battle

It was during the early days of marriage that Samuel L. Jackson had become addicted to drugs. But LaTanya Richardson Jackson refused to let him just throw away his life.

It was his family's love that helped Samuel L. Jackson become the man he is today. The Shaft star recently opened up about these intimate details during an interview with PEOPLE. Sitting beside his wife of 41 years, Broadway actress LaTanya Richardson Jackson, he began by admitting how he struggled early on in his career. 

It was during the early days of marriage that Jackson had become addicted to drugs. Things were so bad that he wasn't even present for his family emotionally. "I had basically moved into the basement of our brownstone," he shared. "I was like the troll in the basement, and every now and then I'd come upstairs and hover around to do something. I was addicted and being crazy."


Even at that his lowest point, his wife did not give up on him instead insisted he go to rehab and even made several calls to find him a spot. "She didn't have to try to fix me. he could've just said, 'Get out,' and left me into the world, let me go and be whatever I was going to be," explained Jackson. But for LaTanya, giving up on her husband wasn't an option.


"I couldn't do that because I felt as though God had spoken to me and said, 'Now, you can't leave this young man like this. Give him some help. And then, if you feel like leaving afterwards, we'll talk about it,'" she told the outlet. Previously, the star revealed how his wife and his then 8-year-old daughter found him unconscious on the floor. He was still holding onto his cocaine.

That was the point when LaTanya realized that her husband was in deep trouble. Within 24 hours she checked him into rehab and made sure that he stayed there until he was doing better. "I threatened to leave him if he didn’t see the rehab through," she said according to Cheat Sheet. Over the years, the two have stood by each other's side and have come a long way since then. 


Today Jackson is known for being an integral part of hit movie franchises like Avengers, The Incredibles, and Star Wars. He recently teamed up with LaTanya to produce the Apple TV+ limited series The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey. The drama stars Samuel as a man experiencing dementia caused by Alzheimer's, something that runs in the actor's family. 

Through this, the couple hopes to create a deeper understanding of Alzheimer's. "It was important for us to tell this story and show that there's a life inside these people that needs to be explored," he shared. Now for their home front, they two love spending time with their 39-year-old daughter Zoe, who is a television producer. "She makes me laugh like nobody else," said the 73-year-old. "Having her home during the pandemic was such a blessing. She was making us lemon bars, feeding us and making us laugh."

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