Teen gets 17 college acceptances less than a year after losing her mother: "I wish she could be here to see me"

Teen gets 17 college acceptances less than a year after losing her mother: "I wish she could be here to see me"

The moment feels bittersweet because even though she's excited, she wishes her mother was around to share the joy.

Since the day young Saniya Lyles lost her mother, the teenager has been looking for ways to make her late mom proud. And now, the teenager has done it by showing she is on the path to a happy and bright future.

The high school student is on her way to college, and she has over a dozen universities to choose from. Saniya has received acceptance letters from 17 different colleges, including Fayetteville State, Elon, and High Point University, according to PEOPLE.

Along with being spoiled for choice, Saniya has also received $500,000 in scholarship offers from colleges as well. The teenager poured her hard work and determination into paving the way for her college experience and is certainly reaping the benefits of it today.



"I’m super excited," Saniya told WFMY. "I’m a tiny bit nervous, now that I guess, I’m preparing for college. That my experience at high school is wrapping up."

Her time as a high school student at the Middle College at Bennett in North Carolina has come to an end. Currently, she has her eyes on the Fayetteville State University and plans to start her college life this fall. She also hopes to eventually be able to join the military after a few years.

As Saniya spoke about her plans for the future, she said, "I plan on doing crime scene investigation, you know after I get my degree and I do have aspirations of eventually joining the military as well."



The young teenager is truly ecstatic that she was accepted into 17 different colleges. However, the thought of not having her mother with her to share the joy is something that often crosses her mind.

"So, it was just one of those things, you know," Saniya said. "I was happy, but still in the back of my mind, I’m like wow, I wish she could be here to see me do this and see me doing good."

Her mother passed away after a heart attack less than a year ago, and her death pushed Saniya to do all that she could to make her late mother proud.

"If anything, you know I just use it as encouragement," she added. "Everything I did before, I told myself I must do 10-times more, you know to make her proud."



After losing her mother, Saniya continued working hard and maintaining her 4.5 GPA. She even completed her fifth college-credit course at the same time as well.

Hoping to leave behind a positive impact on others, Saniya wants others to read her story and not give up when they are going through rough phases in their lives. She went on to say, "My goal in life is just to make an impact, and even after I pass you know. I just want to leave the world better than when I came in."

Cover image source: WFMY News 2/YouTube

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