Bus driver caught dragging 6-YO girl for over 1,000 feet down the road after her backpack gets stuck between doors

Bus driver caught dragging 6-YO girl for over 1,000 feet down the road after her backpack gets stuck between doors

The driver was chatting away and seen talking to other kids whilst being completely oblivious to the trapped girl's plight.

Dragged through a horrible waking nightmare, a 5-year-old girl was trapped by the doors of a bus and pulled along with the massive vehicle as it charged down a road in Louisville, Kentucky. Heart-stopping footage of the incident shows the 6-year-old child stepping out of the bus but getting caught between the doors for a split second. Just as the doors closed, the little girl's body was out of the bus but her backpack got caught between the doors of the vehicle.

What follows is several seconds of the helpless child being dragged for more than 1,000 feet along the Johnstown Road. During this time, the bus driver was completely oblivious to the little girl's plight.


The noisy bus was full of children but nobody noticed the trapped girl, who was identified as A.R. in the lawsuit. The driver was also seen chatting away and telling kids to sit down before finally noticing the girl being dragged along. "Oh my God, Oh my God," the driver was heard saying after seeing the trapped child, as reported by WAVE 3 News.


Attorneys say that the girl was dragged down the road for about 1,147 feet before the bus finally stopped. "Her little legs, hardly any skin left on one of them," said Esther Karschner, who witnessed the incident, according to WLWT. "Her shoes was off, her pants got ripped off it was just horrible to see her like that on the ground," added the child's babysitter, Brian Burlison.

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Brian witnessed the horrifying moment and began running after the bus to get the driver to stop. Other students, who were exiting another bus in the area, also saw the gut-wrenching moment.

"She was screaming and kicking and we was all afraid, thinking did that just really happen?" one student said.

At the time of the incident, which took place in May, 2015, the student was studying at the Wilkerson Traditional Elementary School. The bus driver, Melinda Sanders, was fired and is currently in the midst of a lawsuit and is accused of breaking 16 rules during the incident.

In court, it was revealed that the little girl came out of the incident with PTSD as well as severe nerve damage. Her pediatric surgeon, Dr. Sheldon Bond, also told the court about how there was severe skin loss on both her right and left legs.

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"We had some skin loss here and some skin loss there [points to each leg]. This was a very big abrasion which was scrubbed," Dr. Bond said, as quoted by the Daily Mail. During the recent court session, an attorney spoke to the accused bus driver and said, "The loading and unloading of children is the moment of truth. Let nothing distract you." "Yes," she replied, according to WPSD Local 6.

"What does that mean to you?" the attorney asked. "It means a lot to me," Melinda said, "and I wish... I had followed that, that day. I can't take that day back."

Cover image source: NewsNation Now/YouTube

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