Woman shocked after hospital charges her more than $50,000 for her baby's birth

Woman shocked after hospital charges her more than $50,000 for her baby's birth

She said the hospital took great care of her baby but couldn't believe the charges they slapped her with.

The joy a mother feels while holding her newborn baby in her arms for the first time is immense. But for one mother, Shannon Mayor from California, that joy soon turned into disbelief when the hospital gave her the bill for her child's delivery.

Mayor was absolutely flabbergasted when the hospital charged her nearly $51,000 for the birth of her son.

"I wasn't expecting the total to be that high," she said as she showed the bill on TikTok.

While speaking to Insider, Mayor revealed that she had just quit her job in the tech industry when she found out she was going to have a baby. Soon after finding out she was pregnant in the fall of 2020, Mayor decided to find "the best insurance I can get."


 "To be honest, it was very stressful having to switch insurances and then also having to switch insurances a week before my baby was born to my husband's insurance," Mayor said. "Insurance is complicated. It's not easy in this country to figure out, and you can be screwed if you don't, you know, really think ahead."

When it was time for her baby boy to arrive, Mayor was taken care of in a private room at the hospital for a week and saw the staff take great care of her newborn.

"They took amazing care of my baby," said the mother, who felt "a lot of gratitude towards my hospital stay, my doctor, and the care I received."

Roughly five months after her baby's birth, Mayor received the bill from the hospital and saw that her insurance plan covered $50,816.02 for the costs of the birth. The bill also said Mayor would have to cover the remaining $250.


I wasn’t expecting the total to be that high 😅 ##hospitalbirth ##fyp ##bills

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Unable to accept the hefty amount, Mayor shared the bill on TikTok and saw the video rack up over 8 million views. Many were shocked themselves to see the amount while others shared their own similar stories. One parent said their final bill from the hospital came up to $1.5 million after their little one spent about two months in the NICU.

Mayor noted how she was thankful to have had good insurance, which unfortunately many others in the country do not. "When you think about the average person, who has $50,000 sitting around to have a baby?" Mayor said. "That's like a down payment on a house in some places."

"I was grateful that I have insurance," she added. "A lot of people aren't that fortunate in this country to have really good insurance like I had, and without it, it would have cost a lot more likely to have my baby. Not a lot of people have access to that kind of insurance, so I felt a lot of gratitude in that moment."

Along with people sharing their stories on her post, Mayor hopes her video will prompt people to question the country's systems and demand change.

"I think the biggest thing is getting out and voting, being vocal about changes you want to happen," Mayor added. "And then of course, talking to friends and family, encouraging them to vote, and encouraging other people to really start to look and see the inequalities that exist here in our country with healthcare, especially in comparison to so many other countries around the world."

Cover image credit: TikTok/@shannonmayor

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