Singer wants people over the age of 40 to be banned from nightclubs: 'Leave it to us youngsters'

Singer wants people over the age of 40 to be banned from nightclubs: 'Leave it to us youngsters'

"I’m only just coming into my prime, I do not want to walk into the club and see my dad," she exclaimed.

"Age is just a number" does not seem like something singer, Tallia Storm, would agree with.

The thought of men, as old as her father, grooving to the latest hit tracks is something that irks Storm. When she goes out partying, she wants men and women with greying hair to be as far away from her as possible.

Leave the clubbing to "us youngsters," she said as Good Morning Britain recently discussed whether over-40s should be banned from nightclubs.

The debate came about after 54-year-old Cabinet Office minister in the UK, Michael Gove, was seen on the dance floor in an Aberdeen nightclub at around 2 a.m., according to Metro.



After Gove's nightclub dancing became the subject of several news reports, Good Morning Britain discussed whether people over 40 should be stripped of their right to enter a nightclub. And Storm was crystal clear about her stance.

"I love that, the thought of seeing everybody live their best lives I’m here for it. But I’m 22-years-old, I’m only just coming into my prime, I do not want to walk into the club and see my dad, see my dad’s friends, or even my granddad cutting some shapes," she told hosts Sean Fletcher and Charlotte Hawkins, as quoted by Metro.



"I’m just not sure what they have common. Do they like Tion Wayne? I’m not sure if they will even be able to relate to top hits UK right now," she added. "All up for cutting some shapes but I think £5 entry fee for £2 shots – they can be left to us youngsters and you guys have many more options to head to."

On the same show, 78-year-old DJ Tony Blackburn also weighed in on the subject. He supported the idea of people over the age of 40 being able to have fun, without any judgment, just like youngsters can.

"I think Michael Gove was having fun," Blackburn said.

"If you took this to extreme and ban people over the age of 40 from being in a club, how about those people in Ibiza, all the DJs there, they’re all over 40. Would you stop them performing? It’s ridiculous," he continued. "I was 60 when I first went to Ibiza and when I’d done my set I went to a club that played trance music and I loved it. I don’t see why it should be that you’re over 40 and you can’t go to a club, it’s obviously ridiculous."

Although he "understands" Storm's viewpoint of not wanting to see her father at a club, Blackburn added: "With all due respect, somebody of 22 years old, you’ve only got 18 years left so you’d better get on with it."



According to the Daily Mail, people who saw the show revealed that they were all for over-40s enjoying at a club as much as anybody else.

"Age is just a number. I'm 40 in December and won't stop partying whilst my legs can take it," one person wrote on Twitter.

"Why should more mature people not be allowed to go out raving and enjoy themselves," wrote another. "They were younger once!! All because younger people get embarrassed get over it live and let live. The young people don’t rule the dance floor."

Another said, "As if 40 is old?? It doesn’t matter how old you are if you’re enjoying yourself having a dance what’s wrong with that? I don’t care if people don’t like my dancing!"

Cover image source: Good Morning Britain/Twitter

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