Exhausted Subway worker falls asleep while making a sandwich: "I can’t imagine how underslept she is"

Exhausted Subway worker falls asleep while making a sandwich: "I can’t imagine how underslept she is"

While many joked about the incident, others sympathized with the woman, who looked very tired.

A TikTok user recently posted a video that led to a huge debate online and even left many viewers feeling sorry. The video shows a Subway worker dozing off while making a customer's sandwich. The footage sparked major debate as many came up with theories on why the worker slept off, while others were concerned about her wellbeing. 

Image Source: TikTok/ss4xgoku1


Tik Tok user @ss4xgoku1 took to the social media platform and wrote, "Like [for real]... I just wanted a Sandwich bro." In the viral video, a Subway worker can be seen sprinkling some toppings into a sandwich. Seconds later, the video ends with the woman dozing off over the open sandwich. "This lady fell asleep on my sandwich," wrote the TikToker.



The video garnered a lot of attention with more than 39K comments. Eventually, the viral video led to a heated discussion on Twitter. One user wrote, "Yep, legal weed is an awesome thing." Another stated, "Haha. Insane, she must really like the smell of that meat." While many cracked jokes and made fun of the woman in the video, others could not agree with it. They thought that the situation was devastating and sympathized with the woman, who looked tired. 



 "This is actually really sad. I can’t imagine how underslept she is. Not to mention the wage people get paid at Subway... She deserves better," wrote a TikTok user named Monique Emilia. "Man this is more heartbreaking than anything. I hope she's ok," wrote YouTuber Garrett Watts. Another influencer stated, "Poor thing... Can’t imagine how underslept she is, we’re too hard on service workers."



Some were outraged at the TikToker who filmed the video. "I just hope she gets help! She really doesn't need you filming her at her lowest. Maybe ask if she's alright instead," commented Pat Drake. However, the TikToker did not take it well. Instead, she justified her action and dismissed any sympathies directed at the Subway worker.



"Can y'all stop with the negative comments? The lady woke up after the video ended. She is fine. She just needs to not do drugs before work," wrote the TikToker. Meanwhile, @iJustBeKoolin on Twitter claimed that the incident occurred at a Subway in Oregon. 

According to Business Insider, subway workers get paid between $8 and $9 an hour as of 2019. However, this hourly wage is much lower than the demanded $15 per hour. The Fight for $15 movement states, "We can’t feed our families, pay our bills, or even keep a roof over our heads on minimum wage pay." However, these workers making large profits for multinationals have not met any of the workers' demands. 

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