Wife suffocated husband to death with her buttocks by sitting on him during an argument

Wife suffocated husband to death with her buttocks by sitting on him during an argument

The man's daughter walked in to find the woman sitting on her father and immediately ran to the neighbor's for help.

A woman wound up suffocating her husband to death "with her buttocks" while they were in the middle of an argument.

The wife from Russia is now accused of murdering her husband after sitting on him and refusing to loosen her grip until he begged for forgiveness. By the time she decided to move, her husband had stopped breathing, and it was too late to save him.

In the events that led up to the man's death, Aidar and his wife, Tatyana O, were drinking together and got into an argument at home.

While the man was lying down with his face in the mattress, Tatyana sat on top of him and refused to get up for a while.




At one point, Aidar's daughter walked into the room and laid eyes on her father with his face pinned into the mattress with Tatyana sitting on top of him. Immediately, the daughter ran to the neighbor's house and asked for help, according to Daily Star.

The neighbor accompanied the daughter to the house but decided not to intervene because she thought it was a fight the couple could resolve themselves. Tatyana also went on to claim that sitting on her husband's body was part of her effort to calm him down after their drinking session.




After checking in on the couple, the neighbor went back home, only to return a little while later after hearing Tatyana screaming from the house. The neighbor came back to find Aidar lying unresponsive and went on to call an ambulance. First responders who arrived at the scene pronounced Aidar dead.

As investigations began, a medical examination declared Aidar's cause of death as "asphyxia from blocking the respiratory system." The examination said he lost his life because his face was buried into the mattress while the woman sat on his neck "using her legs." Because of this, Aidar struggled to lift his head and suffocated.




Ultimately, it is believed that Tatyana had consumed too much alcohol and strangled her husband to death with her buttocks.

Initially, Tatyana was charged with murder. However, these charges were dropped, and she was convicted of causing death by negligence, according to New York Post. Later, the Investigative Committee shifted its focus back to the murder charge and accused Tatyana of getting angry after drinking.

"As soon as the man lay down on the bed, burying his face in the mattress, she sat on his neck, while holding his head with her legs so that he could not lift it," the committee said, as quoted by Daily Star.

When Tatyana realized her husband wasn't showing signs of breathing, she turned "frightened" and "shook him and shouted at him to wake him up," the committee added.




At the end of the initial trial, the court heard that Tatyana had no intention to kill her husband. The court sentenced her to 18 months of corrective labor and ordered that she pay more than $2,800 (£2,000) for "moral damages."

Further updates are yet to be made on whether Tatyana will be convicted for murder charges as well.

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