Mom heartbroken to find teenage son in this state after she was called by school authorities. Bullies leave him severely injured

Mom heartbroken to find teenage son in this state after she was called by school authorities. Bullies leave him severely injured

Sandra Davidson Is heartbroken. She is by her boy's side as he recovers.

We often think schools are safe spaces that mold children into better humans. However, some incidents from educational institutions leave us in fear.  A 16-year-old boy became the victim of a bullying incident in Elko, Nevada, on 17 January 2019, according to Fox News

Neo Hobbs from Elko High School suffered in the hands of his bully and was left with life-threatening injuries. The boy was admitted to Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake City after he had to undergo serious surgery. 

His mother, Sandra Davidson, said that she received a call from the school stating that her son was sent to the hospital after being unconscious. Davidson rushed to the hospital and was heartbroken by the sight of her boy. A CAT scan revealed that there was bleeding in his brains, and the boy had to undergo an emergency brain surgery. 



"It shifted his brain. Made it bleed and bruised really, really bad," Davidson said. She also added that the boy's skull was fractured. However, the mother has no idea how the incident unfolded.

Davidson is yet to understand how someone could be so angry that they harmed her young boy leaving him in intense pain. Moreover, left with so many brutal injuries, Neo was unable to tell the truth behind the incident. "All I know is, he was hit," said the mother, according to Fox.

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12 days after the surgery, Neo was shifted from the ICU to the trauma unit. His condition was so bad that he needs to learn to do the basic things in life. "He's been in a coma," she said. "He woke up two days ago, and he can't talk. He can't move," said Davidson. The helpless mother sat by the side of her son hoping he would get back to being the healthy teenager he was. 

She continued, "He has to have a lot of physical therapy. He has to learn how to walk, talk, brush his teeth, feed himself. He has to learn all that over again," according to Fox. His mother further stated that the boy would have to remain at the hospital for two more months. 

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Meanwhile, The Elko School District confirmed the incident. However, the school superintendent referred to the incident as "a confrontation and fight between two students." The superintendent said the students punched each other and one fell due to the hard blows. However, the doctors treating Neo said that the injuries could have been caused by an object. "They were just asking me, 'He had to have been hit with something,'" claimed the mother. Davidson linked the incident to bullying and disclosed that her son was afraid of going to school due to another student. "This boy was saying stuff about him, and I told Neo, 'Just ignore it.' He says, 'I am, mom. The best I can,'" recalled his mother, according to Fox. 

The concerned mother even advised her son to complain to the school authorities. However, Neo thought it would make matters worse and asked his mother not to complain as well. 

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Meanwhile, the Elko Police Department is looking into the ghastly incident. Though it is not clear if the charges will be filed, the incident has scarred Davidson and her family. She no longer feels it is safe to send kids to educational institutions. "You send them to school, and you shouldn't have to worry about your kids going to school. Especially about something like this," said the heartbroken mother. 

The family has set up a GoFund Me page to help the medical expenses to treat him.

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