Teenage boy says he was sleepwalking when he stabbed his twin sister in her neck to death

Teenage boy says he was sleepwalking when he stabbed his twin sister in her neck to death

The family said, "There is no question Benjamin loved his sister very much."

Trigger warning: The story contains details of murder that might be distressing to some readers.

Twin siblings, Meghan and Benjamin Elliott, were immensely close and described as the best of friends. That's why it was shocking to the community when they discovered that Benjamin stabbed his sister in the neck one night in her bedroom.

When Benjamin later spoke to the police about what happened, he said he was sleepwalking that night and woke up between 2:30 am and 3 am to a sight that may haunt him forever. The 17-year-old teenage boy said he found himself in Meghan's bedroom and saw a knife in her neck, as reported by KHOU 11.

Within moments, Benjamin realized he wasn't dreaming and took the knife out before placing pressure on the wound with a pillow. He then ran into his bedroom and called 911; the dispatcher gave him instructions while Benjamin tried to perform CPR on his sister.

Court records say that after seven minutes of talking to the dispatcher, Benjamin called out to his parents, and their screams could be heard over the phone. When deputies arrived at the residence in the 4100 block of Brown Meadow Court in west Harris County, they found the teenage boy performing CPR on his stabbed sister. Later, Benjamin admitted that he stabbed his sister multiple times in the neck but was sleepwalking/dreaming while the horror unfolded.


Details revealed that the teenager neither suffered from any sleep irregularities nor consumed drugs or alcohol before going to sleep that night. However, he now finds himself charged with first-degree murder in connection with his sister's murder.

"The defendant stated after realizing he was not dreaming, he removed the knife and placed it next to the complainant, turned on the light to the bedroom and applied pressure to the wound with a pillow," read a prosecutor, as quoted by KPRC 2. "...Seven minutes into the 911 call, the defendant calls out to his parents who are heard yelling and crying in the background."

Following the incident, Benjamin's family released a statement through their attorney, William Weston Rucker III.


"We are still gathering all of the facts and details of this tragedy," the statement said. "There is no question Benjamin loved his sister very much. They were extremely close and the best of friends. The family is asking for privacy as they process this heartbreaking event."

A neighbor, Robert Dawson, spoke about the twins and admitted that he didn't know them very well. However, the neighbor could tell that they were quite close.

"They get on a bus up here at the end of the street, and every day when they come home, they walk," Robert said, according to CBS Austin. "I mean, they don't walk hand-in-hand, but they give you the impression that they've very protective."


After Benjamin was taken into custody, he was placed in a mental health hold while attorneys began going through his medical history to check whether he had sleeping issues. "Anybody who commits an act while they're unconscious is not legally responsible for that act," said South Texas College of Law Professor Kenneth Williams. "We're only responsible for acts that we do if we're in a conscious mental state."

It was reported that Benjamin is being kept behind bars on a $100,000 bond till his next court hearing.

Cover image source: KHOU 11/YouTube

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