Teen pretends to be dead under a pile of corpses covered in blood for hours after party host goes on a killing spree

Teen pretends to be dead under a pile of corpses covered in blood for hours after party host goes on a killing spree

For four hours, the girl didn't dare to come out from underneath the bodies as the killer was still inside the house.

Trigger warning: contains graphic details that may be distressing to some.

For two teenage girls, saving their lives meant pretending to be dead while the man who went on a shooting spree was hunted for them under a pile of corpses. While one hid underneath two dead bodies in a pool of blood, the other girl hid inside a bathroom. And both tried to be as still as they could, terrified that the shooter might hear them and murder them as well.

The suspect who unleashed the horrifying massacre was Dmitry Zakharov, 34, described as a computer game fanatic. The bloodbath unfolded at a party that Dmitry hosted himself, and the two girls, Maria Kosintseva, 16, and Viktoria Paustovskaya, 17, decided to join the "party group" because they were "bored of hanging out with boys of our own age," Maria told East2West News, as reported by New York Post.

Police spokesman Colonel Valery Gorelykh said, "The young women were hanging out in the area of Raduga Park shopping mall on the fateful night. They met the men via the Internet. They picked them up in a car, after which the group left for Dmitry’s flat."


At Dmitry's party were not only Maria and Viktoria but also the killer's close friends, barman Oleg Bregnev, 36, and estate agent Anton Anisimov, 32. The party came to a gruesome end when all of a sudden Dmitry grabbed his Saiga rifle and yelled, "Let’s play!" before he started shooting. He was a security guard and divorced father of one.

"He shot at me, but Anton fell down and covered me," Maria said. "Then he went to the kitchen, and I heard two shots, hitting Viktoria and Oleg."

Along with Oleg and Anton, there was a third victim—Polina Bardina, 18—was also shot to death.


As Maria stayed hidden beneath the bodies of Polina and Anton, she tried to send messages to her friends through a social media account.

"I pretended to be dead and was afraid to get out from under the bodies," Maria said, as quoted by Mirror.

Meanwhile, Viktoria, who was still alive even though she was shot, managed to crawl from the kitchen all the way to the bathroom and stay hidden.

"I told my friends to call the police and ambulance. Viktoria did the same, that is how I knew she was alive… but I didn’t dare try and reach her to help," added Maria.


In a hushed tone, Viktoria was also able to record a disturbing voice message and let people know the address of the killer's flat.

"I'm losing consciousness. I know only that I'm alive," said Viktoria. "I'm... it looks like I'm already dying. I'm lying here... I feel that I'm losing [consciousness]."

Staying hidden with the pain of her gunshot wound, Viktoria told her friends that the killer in the house was dangerous and had a weapon. "I'm fainting. It's painful, terrible pain when I move..." Viktoria said in her voice message. "I fear he will enter and see me alive... He will shoot me. Please, break down the door."

Although the two friends managed to inform their friends, they had to wait in the middle of the murder scene for four hours before the police finally arrived at the apartment in Yekaterinburg, Russia. Officers were able to rescue the girls alive but couldn't get hold of Dmitry as he killed himself right before the police arrived.


Viktoria "has undergone surgery and is in a serious condition," said Col. Valery Gorelykh.

Maria also later revealed that there were "no hint of threats" from Dmitry and that they were not sexually harassed before the killer went on the killing spree and slaughtered three people, apart from himself, and left one teenager wounded.

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