Say "hello" to Truffles, the sassy kitty who wears glasses to inspire kids to wear their own

Say "hello" to Truffles, the sassy kitty who wears glasses to inspire kids to wear their own

"It’s just like magic. As soon as the kids see her, they’re like, 'OK, glasses are amazing.'"

Every single month, the title of Employee-of-the-month at "A Child’s Eyes" office goes to the one and only Truffles—a sassy kitty who shows kids how cool it is to have wear glasses. The spunky cat is changing the lives of hundreds of children by instantly putting them at ease from the moment they walk into the optical shop.


From gorgeous green glasses to sparkling multi-colored shades, Truffles shows children how it's done by looking like an absolute rockstar with her well-stocked eyewear collection. When children see her, they instantly feel comfortable and no longer worry about what they look like when they wear glasses.

"She’s a sweetheart," said Danielle Crull, 50, who adopted Truffles when she was found as a stray kitten at a church camp in Pennsylvania.

Nobody else wanted Truffles back then, but now, the kids who walk in and out of "A Child’s Eyes" can't get enough of her, and neither can Danielle.


After welcoming Truffles into her life in 2016, Danielle soon found out how clever Truffles is. The kitty learned tricks like "sit" and giving "high fives" by the time she turned 4 months old.

Soon, Danielle wondered if wearing glasses could be a new trick to teach the cat. And within no time, Truffles fell in love with wearing glasses. She now parades around the optical shop and shows kids how stylish it can be to wear a pair.

"It’s just like magic," Danielle told TODAY. "As soon as the kids see her, they’re like, 'OK, glasses are amazing.'"


Truffles loves the spotlight and is an absolute star to have around when kids begin to cry.

"Do you want to see Truffles with glasses?" Danielle will ask the child. And then Truffles steps in.

Danielle spoke about a 3-year-old girl who refused to try on glasses and was sobbing until she saw Truffles wearing a pair.


"Her complete demeanor changed just because she saw a cat in glasses," Danielle added. "That was all she needed."

The cat-mom and optician told CNN, "The story that happens over and over is a little one is crying and she comes out and I put glasses on her, and they immediately stop crying and laugh and put their own glasses on. It happens countless times, and it's just as sweet every single time."


Truffles has about 20 pairs of stylish frames to choose from and sometimes refuses to allow Danielle to take them off.

"She actually loves it," Danielle said. "She can take them off whenever she wants, but a lot of times she chooses not to."


Along with glasses, Truffles also wears eye patches to join kids that also have to wear one because of a condition known as Amblyopia (also known as lazy eye).

"Wearing an eye patch isn't easy for kids," Danielle said. "One thing is glasses, but eye patches are a whole different thing. It's more worry, more fear, more confusion."


Seeing Truffles wear eye-patches gives kids the confidence they need to wear their own patches.

"Truffles wearing a patch is a very big deal. She makes kids feel more confident about wearing their patches, and that's something I am very passionate about," Danielle said. "This makes a real impact in these kids lives every day."


Now a budding online celebrity, Truffles is known as Truffles the Kitty on the internet, and she "is so happy that she can reach so many children with her message of love, acceptance and fashionable eyewear!"


Cover image source: Truffles the Kitty 

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