Siblings aged 7 and 11 try to fight off their father as he stabbed their mom to death; he was "cutting my mom open"

Siblings aged 7 and 11 try to fight off their father as he stabbed their mom to death; he was "cutting my mom open"

"I meant for that," the father allegedly said as he told the police that his wife was dead.

Trigger warning: contains graphic details that may be distressing to some.

A 7-year-old girl and an 11-year-old boy witnessed the harrowing incident of their mother, Utahna Halona Erickson, 41, being stabbed to death by their father who then went on to stab himself.

After their mother was attacked right before their eyes, the two siblings spoke to the police and revealed details about desperately trying to stop their father, John Weston Erickson, 41, from ending their mother's life.

In her account, the little girl revealed that she heard her mother screaming for help. The child then ran into the bedroom to find her father on top of Utahna with a knife in his hand. The girl said the father was "cutting my mom open," according to the criminal complaint obtained by People. The child put herself in the middle of the altercation and tried to grab the knife away from her father. But she wound up getting injured and the complaint said, "[She] suffered extensive injury to her fingers which required surgery to repair."

When she couldn't stop her father from stabbing the mother, the girl ran out to call her older brother to intervene.

The complaint said, "[Her brother] kicked and punched [Erickson] and then ran for help."

The boy showed up at a neighbor's front door to tell them what was going on in their house. And this led to the police receiving a domestic violence call from the neighborhood of Midvale in Utah.

Source: Give Lively

Police officers arrived at the family's residence to find blood outside their house. Upon entering the master bedroom, officers found the father lying on the bed with a knife on his chest. After stabbing his wife to death, John had tried to kill himself and was found with cuts on his wrists and his neck.

Next to the bed, the mother was lying on the floor with severe stab wounds inflicted by her husband.

"I meant for that," John allegedly said as he told the police his wife was dead.

"I just f****** snapped. One of the sweetest people around took the brunt of my rage," the complaint quoted the father saying.

The complaint also said, "[Erickson] admitted that he cut Utahna's throat and knew she was going to die."

While the police officers were in the house, the brother and sister were waiting at their neighbor's. The 7-year-old had "blood on her face, clothes and severe cuts on her hand," the complaint said. "[She] said she tried to stop her father, John Weston Erickson, from killing her mother."

The boy told the police, "It was my dad that made it happen."

Following the attack that took place on October 28, officers revealed that they found a "large amount of blood throughout the residence, leading up to the master bedroom," as reported by People. The investigation led to John facing charges of murder, child abuse, and two counts of commission of domestic violence in the presence of a child.


Unified Police Department Sgt. Melody Cutler also told People, "The little girl had tried to intervene and had some cuts on her hand that required some stitches. Obviously, she witnessed something horrific."

The two children came out of the nightmare without their mother, who was described by her family as a "beautiful, loving and amazing soul" on a fundraising page set up for the siblings.

The Give Lively fundraiser has so far raised more than $31,280 and said about the children, "They have a long and difficult road ahead of them that no child should have to travel, however, we will come together as an army of family & friends to love and protect them."

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