Two goth lesbian foxes in a Minnesota sanctuary are taking over people's hearts

Two goth lesbian foxes in a Minnesota sanctuary are taking over people's hearts

"They are inseperable, " the organization posted on Facebook.

SaveAFox Rescue is a non-profit organization based in Minnesota that focuses on providing a safe sanctuary for domestic foxes who would certainly perish if released back into the wild. 

They share photographs and tales about the foxes they care for on their Facebook page on a daily basis. They try to raise funds to keep all of these amazing animals safe, nourished, and happy in their sanctuary, per God Daily Dot. In honor of Pride, they just published a tale about their two "lesbian foxes."




They wrote in the post, "Did you know that homosexuality is not uniquely a human trait, but has been observed in over 1000 other animal species as well?!" The post further read, "We even have our own pair of lesbian foxes here at saveafox! As many of you may know, Esmae and Mala are a bonded pair who are both female! They frequently exhibit behaviors that are reserved for only a foxes mate."

They concluded the post by mentioning, "Foxes are often monogamous, and Esmae and Mala are no exception, they are inseparable." The narrative and images of this lovely couple quickly went viral, as people shared their love for foxes, with a special admiration for queer animal behavior. Esmae and Mala's love even inspired some fanart.




A person commented, "My daughter is named Esmée! She’s loved this fox since we first saw her on TikTok love these two." Another person said, "I have two male cats that exhibit mating behaviors that are definitely not dominance related. They genuinely seem to love each other." A third person said, "They're so cute and it may make me a little vain, but I also love that their permanently wearing matching coats. Couple goals right there."

The organization posted a donation appeal for "pre-made raw and prepared meat meals for the foxes." They wrote, "We recently made the decision to cut out kibble and processed foods from the foxes diets and replace it with organic pre-made raw meals." They said that previously, the foxes were fed high-quality dog kibble and freeze-dried uncooked, supplemented with raw meat.




They explained why they are switching the diets by writing, "We have 25+ animals here that will be eating this diet, and we have a very small team, the amount of time it would take to meal prep for all the animals is to much for our small team. Pre-made is the best route for us."

Cover Image Source: Saveafox Corporation/Facebook

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