"It destroyed my life," a woman said after two men threw a couch off the roof and nearly crushed her to death

"It destroyed my life," a woman said after two men threw a couch off the roof and nearly crushed her to death

"They broke my body in two," the woman exclaimed after calling them "lazy and stupid."

A woman is left wondering if she will ever recover from a horrible accident, caused by the senseless actions of two men who thought it was a good idea to push a leather couch off the roof of a building. Nearly killed in the incident, Edita Butkeviciut, 31, was chatting away on her phone when the three-seater couch came plunging down and landed on top of her, crushing her body and trapping her underneath for more than half an hour. It took about 40 minutes for Edita to finally be found by her bosses, who noticed she was missing before finding her stuck under the massive piece of furniture.

One man, who called the emergency number at the scene, said: "I had to tell them three times that a sofa had fallen on top of her because they found it so hard to believe," as quoted by Mirror. Crushed from the sheer weight of the couch, Edita was rushed to the hospital with a fractured spine, broken thigh, broken ankle, and several other broken bones after the incident that changed her life forever.

Source: Fundraiser for Edita/Facebook

"It destroyed my life. What I went through wasn’t easy," said Edita, who had to wait 16 months before her case finally reached the court, according to The Scottish Sun.

Behind the shocking incident were two men, Barrie Law and Lee Morrison, who were ditching the three-seater leather couch that day and having it replaced with a smaller one. But when they found that the couch was too big to take down the stairs, they managed to get it through a landing window and then took it across the roof before pushing the heavy object off the building.


"It landed on me and bounced to the side. I woke after about 45 minutes and saw it, but didn’t connect it to what happened," said Edita as she recalled the accident that took place in December 2019, according to The Scottish Sun.

Calling the two men "lazy and stupid" for their actions, Edita slammed Barrie and Lee and said, "They could’ve killed me—they didn’t bother to check the area was clear. They were above an exit where loads of people went, including parents with their children. They broke my body in two. I’m in pain all the time and it’s only going to get worse. I will never be the same person I was. This could easily have been avoided with just a little care. I don’t know if I want them jailed but there needs to be consequences."

On the phone with Edita when the couch fell on her in 2019 was her former partner, Daniel Ferreira, who spoke after the accident took place.


Today, Edita is left with metal plates in her spine, and she spoke about how she is still dealing with the effects of the two men's actions more than a year later. "I’m in pain every day, cannot sit straight for longer than 40 minutes and I’m not able to go back to work," said Edita, according to The Scottish Sun.

As the court trial took place in April, 2021, Barrie and Lee pleaded guilty to permanently disfiguring and impairing Edita after dropping the couch on her, and they will receive their sentence in the month of May.

"It’s just incredibly bad luck," said Barrie's lawyer, George Mathers. "Mr Law has been extremely distressed about it. He was adamant that he would only be pleading guilty."

Cover image source: Fundraiser for Edita/Facebook

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