Vets go out on the streets and give free treatment to dogs belonging to homeless people who can't afford it

Vets go out on the streets and give free treatment to dogs belonging to homeless people who can't afford it

The vets do a regular consultation for the dogs and if they find anything they can't solve using the supplies in their backpack, they take the dogs to a practice nearest to them.

When Jade Statt lost her beloved dog, Oakley, she as heartbroken by the loss and did not wish the pain of mourning the death of their dog upon anyone else. This is when she came across a homeless man and his pet dog, on a night out. As they struck up a conversation, Jade, who is veterinarian could see that the man had immense love for his dog but was growing increasingly worried about her wellbeing because of what seemed to be a worsening skin condition.

Although she badly wanted to help, Jade didn't have the means or supplies she needed to treat the dog at the time. "It was something I could've fixed if I'd had what I needed at the time," Jade told LADbible. "You could see how worried he was and how helpless he felt about the whole thing."


That moment made Jade constantly think about how she would feel if her dog was in that position, and she could feel the man's frustration for not being able to help his dog. The exchange she had with the homeless man led Jade to take it upon herself to get out there on the streets and offer her services to the pets who needed help, but were not given the attention because their masters were homeless, too, and in need of dire help themselves.


"With a backpack of medications, a stethoscope, and a nurse, I started 'Streetvetting' in October 2016," Jade said, according to VSGD. "...It was clear there was a real need for this service."

It started off as a pilot scheme but eventually grew bigger, especially after she met another vet named Sam Joseph, who was doing something similar. Jade and Sam joined hands, and together, they started running StreetVet which went on to become a registered charity.


Today, the organization has about 30 volunteer vets who go out on the streets and help homeless pets in about 17 different locations in the UK.


When the volunteers head out, they are armed with a backpack that contains all the supplies they need to turn a street corner into a makeshift consulting room for their four-legged patients. Using food, toys, supplies, and the medication they have in their backpack, the vets check urine samples, draw blood for testing, and check for any lumps that the dogs may have.


And if any dog needs further treatment, they will be taken to a practice closeby for better care and proper medical attention.


"The idea of StreetVet is to give the dogs a health check. Anything I can do in a regular consultation, I can do on the street and if further treatment is needed we can find a surgery to facilitate," Jade told The Paw Post in 2017. "We try to treat as many dogs as we can, but it’s key that people know where we are and that they can bring their dogs to us."


Having treated about 1,202 dogs, 102 cats, 3 ferrets, and 2 rabbits so far, StreetVet has managed to help a number of homeless people with their pets. The organization works with other local bodies and soup kitchens to spread the word around to make sure more people know about them.


While speaking to LADbible, Jade also gave her advice to others who want to help and said, "Don't just walk past people. By having that conversation, you can potentially be empowered to do something that can really help."


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