Golder retriever gives a rodent a little lift in the water, and a goodbye kiss as they reach the shore

Golder retriever gives a rodent a little lift in the water, and a goodbye kiss as they reach the shore

Once they reached the shore, the critter climbed off the dog's back and hurried off after a quick goodbye.

The family of Wally the golden retriever always knew he was friendly. But recently, his pet parent, Lauren Russell, saw him do something she never imagined. In the month of May, Lauren had visited a Massachusetts lake and was accompanied by Wally, her 2-year-old golden retriever. While they were there at the Hickory Hills Lake in Lunenburg, Wally not only splashed around and swam in the water, but also had a brief moment with another critter, according to Boston.com.

"He was about 100 meters out and a woodchuck I think just crawled right up on his back and he swam back to shore with him," Lauren WCVB. "We were flabbergasted. It was unbelievable. We couldn't believe what we were seeing." Wally was completely unfazed by the little creature that climbed on top of him. The pup took one look at the critter that made itself a passenger on his back and then continued paddling on towards the shore.


"He didn't even care," Lauren added. "He like took a peek back on his back and then just kept swimming." The brief encounter between the golden retriever and rodent came to an end as they reached the edge of the shore. The critter climbed off his personal water taxi and bid farewell to Wally with a "little kiss" before hurrying off on its way. Lauren recalled, "It came back to the island, hopped off his back, and then scurried away and they gave each other a little kiss goodbye. They like touched snouts and then he ran away."


After seeing the video, many on YouTube speculated whether the creature was a woodchuck or beaver. But most agreed that Wally truly showed great hospitality towards the hitchhiker. "Can’t go wrong with a golden retriever. They are truly the best breed of dog!" said one comment. "What a sweet doggie. What a cute ride between Wally and the rodent," said one social media user while another said, "Wally is an angel!"

In 2019, the story of another golden retriever, Kira, came to light after she accompanied Timofey Yuriev in rescuing two dogs from drowning in a frozen lake. The two dogs were stuck about 30 to 40 feet away from the shore in the lake in Irvington, New York. When Timofey saw the stranded dogs, he jumped in to retrieve them, and right behind him was his dog, Kira, who eagerly joined in on the big rescue.


"She’s always with us, and when we go training with my wife, she’s always swimming up in the ice," Timofey said, as reported by WBUR. Timofey is a cold water diver and was able to brave the freezing cold temperatures with his furry sidekick beside him.


"I felt like something magical happened that I was able to actually get to do it, and nobody was wounded or suffered after that, except for my arms," he added. "[It] froze my arms a little bit."

Cover image source: WCVB Channel 5 Boston/YouTube

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