Church preacher caught placing his phone in men's bathroom and secretly recording videos of males

Church preacher caught placing his phone in men's bathroom and secretly recording videos of males

Church members said "a smartphone had been placed upon a ledge above a urinal" by the preacher.

A preacher is currently caught up in a scandal at a church in West Virginia after his phone was found in the men's bathroom with shocking videos in them.

Accused of severely invading one's privacy, the preacher named William Page, 59, allegedly placed his phone on top of a men's bathroom urinal with vile intentions.

Church members informed the Monongalia County sheriff’s deputies and said the mobile phone was kept on April 28 and two males were captured on video as they used the bathroom, according to CBS Pittsburgh.


The incident took place at the Church of God on River Road in Morgantown, and the members claimed "a smartphone had been placed upon a ledge above a urinal," according to the criminal complaint filed, as per a WBOY 12News report.

The criminal complaint went on to say that deputies discovered "videos of two males using the restroom" on the preacher's phone, along with "several short videos of [Page] setting up the device."

Deputies added that these videos "were captured without the victims’ consent in a place where privacy would be assumed."

The preacher was charged in a criminal complaint with the misdemeanor invasion of privacy in connection with the church incident.

In another incident, a Catholic priest was accused of secretly recording a group of high school students while they were in the locker room.

The Detroit priest, Rev. Richard Kurtz, reportedly went into the locker room of high school hockey players and secretly recorded them as they were changing their outfits, according to CBS Detroit.



At the time of the incident, which took place in the late 1990s, Rev. Kurtz was teaching at the University of Detroit Jesuit High School.

Kurtz was teaching chemistry at the all-boys Catholic school when he secretly filmed the high school; he was also accused of transferring child pornographic material from Clarkston to Chicago.

It was only in 2011 when other priests discovered the recordings among the priest's belongings. The same year, Rev. Richard Kurtz was also arrested for sexually assaulting a child in Colorado, according to The Detroit News.

In 2015, the priest was given a prison sentence of 12 years after he pleaded guilty to transporting child pornography and confessed to sexually assaulting a minor.

"Words can't express how much remorse I feel," the priest said, as reported by Detroit Free Press. "... Some of my victims have names that are known to me. I am guilty of capturing images of them for my perverse pleasure... The damage I've done must be borne by them for time to come. I accept full responsibility for betraying them."

During the trial, Assistant U.S. Attorney Kevin Mulcahy said, "Mr. Kurtz used the word 'betrayal' and that's correct. Imagine a 13-year-old boy trying to unpack that word to describe a man of the cloth. Father Kurtz should have been as he is now: in handcuffs. This man was called to be a shepherd of his flock. Instead, he violated that trust."

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