Wife chopped up her famous husband, cleaned his organs, and stored them in the fridge

Wife chopped up her famous husband, cleaned his organs, and stored them in the fridge

According to the wife's story, she found his body and then didn't want people to know about his "inglorious death."

Warning: Contains graphic details that may be distressing to some.

When Marina Kokhal was investigated for the death of her husband, a Ukrainian rapper, she told them that he had died of a drug overdose. But she said that she wanted to make it look like he disappeared because she didn't want his fans to know the reason behind his death.

The popular rapper, who was born as Alexander Yushko, better known as Andy Cartwright, had passed away on July 25, 2020, in St Petersburg, Russia. And because Marina claimed she "didn't want him to have an inglorious death" from a drug overdose, she decided it was better for him to "simply disappear." The wife went on to stage the entire setting for it, according to The Moscow Times.


Marina went on to dismember her husband's body by chopping it up with a knife, hammer, and hacksaw. A chopping board, a plastic bucket, and a pillowcase were also later found in their house by the investigators. However, after scouring the apartment, they did not find any drugs.

Over the course of 4 days, 36-year-old Marina went on to chop up 30-year-old Alexander's body and she did this all while their 2-year-old son was in the flat with her. It was reported that she severed his limbs "perfectly" and then went on to clean his internal organs by putting them in the washing machine, according to Mirror. She even sprinkled some salt over the body parts and stored them in the refrigerator. Their apartment was also left squeaky clean as Marina had scrubbed everything away. 


Although she wanted to make him "disappear," she did not know what to do with the body parts after she had them all chopped up and stored away.

Later, it was Marina's lawyer who ended up informing the St. Petersburg police on July 29, 2020, about the missing man. And when they arrived at her house, they found Alexander's body parts neatly kept in the refrigerator in five different packages. It did not take long for the case to turn into a criminal investigation for murder with Marina being a suspect behind her husband's death.

When she was questioned, Marina said that it was a drug overdose that killed Alexander, and she reportedly told his fans on social media that he had become hooked onto hard drugs since the pandemic broke out. The version of the story she gave to investigators also included her saying that she found a syringe next to Alexander when she found his unresponsive body. Although, this doesn't add up to the fact that she did it to cover up his drug habit.



As investigations are being carried out, forensic tests are being conducted to find out the cause of death that took away the rapper's life. Although Alexander's friends agreed that he did often have problems with alcohol, drugs were something that he would not touch, based on their account.

As part of the investigation, Marina might also be made to go through a polygraph test. When Marina's lawyer, Irina Skurtu, found out that her client had cut up the body of her husband, she pushed Marina to tell the police what she did with the body. However, Irina reportedly denied that Marina put his organs in the washing machine.

There are also some reports that point out that Marina's mother also had a hand to play in Alexander's death. An order was placed by detectives that said she was not allowed to travel out of the city of St Petersburg. But the involvement of Marina's mother in the death was denied by the lawyer, Irina. At the moment, the investigators continue to dig into the details to find out the reason behind the popular rapper's death.

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