Woman finds out boyfriend drugged her to sleep indefinitely just so he could avoid arguing during an entire road trip

Woman finds out boyfriend drugged her to sleep indefinitely just so he could avoid arguing during an entire road trip

"He wants you to be afraid," the woman was told about her boyfriend's actions.

No couple likes to argue with each other but it is nearly impossible for even the happiest couples to agree on everything.

You might do everything you can to avoid having a fight with your partner but this 35-year-old boyfriend crossed the line by drugging his 26-year-old girlfriend just so that he wouldn't have to have an argument with her.

The couple decided that it would be better for them to drive down to their home state and stay there for a while. And that's when the incident took place. 

Sharing her story on Reddit, the girlfriend wrote, "Monday we decided to make the 8ish hour drive back to our home state and quarantine there instead for a few months. Right before leaving, we got into a big fight because I wanted to stay at my mothers house for a while, he doesn’t want me to, among other things I won’t get into. Well, before leaving we decided to eat dinner so we didn’t have to stop anywhere."

"Fast forward to our drive and not long after hitting the road I passed out," the woman went on to say.

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The woman doesn't even remember when she fell asleep and said that it was strange because she wasn't even feeling tired before they started their trip. She said she "woke up one time for a while, drank some Gatorade which he gave me, and then I fell asleep again. I thought this was extremely weird because I wasn’t tired hardly at all and we didn’t even leave super early."

Later, she kept telling her boyfriend how strange it was that she slept through 90 percent of the trip despite having had no reason to feel sleepy at all during the trip.

The woman went on to say, "Yesterday the tension eased a bit and he made the offhanded comment that he wishes he could drug me more when I 'act out' and argue with him. I ask him what he’s talking about. Proceeds to tell me he put Benadryl in my drink and that’s why I slept, so he didn’t have to deal with me."

The boyfriend said it to her as if there was nothing wrong at all about what he did. "I’m still reeling from the conversation and completely floored," the woman shared. "I don’t know if I’m overreacting or not but something tells me I’m not, and it’s extremely fucked up to put medicine in drinks. I don’t know what to do.

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In the comments, the woman also shared that she lost her job and her boyfriend now has "a huge upper hand."

"He owns the house, now he’s paying all the bills," the girlfriend said. "Every time I do something completely reasonable that he doesn’t like, like wanting to get a job during this pandemic until I reinstate my career, or simply that I want to stay at my moms house for a while, he threatens me with phone cut off/locked out of house/etc."

People in the comments advised her and said that he clearly overstepped and could go on to do worse things to her.

"Seriously, you need to go NOW. Drugging someone is wrong and he could have seriously harmed you. This dude needs to be dumped ASAP, and you need to talk to a doctor and possibly police. You are under reacting if you are still with him," wrote BadgerHooker.

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"Being drugged scared you, and it should. But there is a lot between the lines in this post – along with some explicitly stated examples of ongoing control and abuse. You think you can’t make it without him. That you’ll be poor. You might be. It’s not the worst thing that can happen. He, on the other hand, chose to reveal the drugging to you. Why? He wants you to know he drugged you," commented whyareyouwhining.

"He wants you to know what he’s capable of. He wants you to be afraid. He has invested a lot of time and energy into isolating you and creating financial dependence. He clearly does not want you to leave."

MadamnedMary wrote, "You're not overreacting at all, if anything you're underreacting, the fact he admitted as if was not a big deal shows his lack of common sense (for a lack of a better word), he's not in his right mind. He's not trustworthy, thank to the universe he did nothing bad to you while you were unconscious, please don't tempt fate, next time he could do worse, don't stay to know. Dump him right now."

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