37YO woman gives birth to 10 babies at once, delivering the world's first set of decuplets

37YO woman gives birth to 10 babies at once, delivering the world's first set of decuplets

Ahead of the birth, the mother was worried and thought, "how would they fit in the womb? Would they survive?" It was reported that the premature babies safely arrived and are being looked after.

In one single delivery, a woman gave birth to ten babies, and made it to the headlines around the world. The South African woman, Gosiame Thamara Sithole, gave birth to her 10 babies at a hospital in Pretoria on June 7.

The 37-year-old mother and the father of her children, Teboho Tsotetsi, were already parents to their 6-year-old twins. Now, with the addition of 10 new members to the family, they are raising a dozen children, according to Mirror.


Initially, doctors detected only eight babies in the pre-natal scans. But when the couple discovered they had decuplets and possibly broke a world record, they were absolutely delighted.

"It’s seven boys and three girls. She was seven months and seven days pregnant. I am happy. I am emotional," Teboho told Pretoria News newspaper, as quoted by WBAY.

Ahead of the birth, Gosiame was worried about the health of her babies and said, as quoted by IOL, "How would they fit in the womb? Would they survive? What if they came out conjoined at the head, in the stomachs or hands? Like, what would happen? I asked myself all these questions until the doctor assured me that my womb was starting to expand inside. God made a miracle and my children stayed in the womb without any complications."


When the big moment came and all 10 of the babies arrived, the father told IOL, "I cried. I cried and walked around my house alone – up and down."

The couple has received immense support and Teboho said, "There’s not many words I have to express how I feel, but in reality I am still shocked, excited and I feel blessed and I feel overwhelmed by the support that I am getting."

While government officials are still waiting for evidence to confirm whether the couple is indeed parents to the world's first decuplets, Teboho revealed that the media attention for the babies would have to wait due to their premature birth.


"It is a very unique situation. They are premature, they are still incubated. Very small as you can think – 10 children in one womb that normally carries one baby," the father went on to say. "They are very small, so the sensitivity that goes into that, even the doctors, they don’t want to risk that."

"People will see the babies at the right time," Teboho added.


Relatives and neighbors of the couple say that the news of the 10 babies is true. One neighbor, Wilson Machaya, told The Associated Press, according to WBAY, "For her to receive 10 blessings at one given time, we thank God for that. And because we are neighbors we will have to assist in any way possible."

According to ABC News, if the case of Gosiame's decuplets is accurate, it would mean that she broke the record set by a Malian woman, who gave birth to nine babies in what was claimed to be the world's first case of nonuplets in May, 2021.

Cover image source: CN NEWS

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