Woman grossed out by 70-YO mother-in-law's demand to breastfeed her newborn so she can bond with her grandchild

Woman grossed out by 70-YO mother-in-law's demand to breastfeed her newborn so she can bond with her grandchild

When she refused, the mother-in-law blamed her for coming in the way of her relationship with her grandbaby.

A woman was left speechless when she heard the unusual demand her mother-in-law made in the name of bonding with her grandchild.

Sharing her ordeal on Reddit, the daughter-in-law and new mother to a two-month-old baby revealed that her husband's mother wanted to breastfeed the child, believing that the process will help strengthen her connection with her grandbabies.

The 70-year-old mother-in-law had decided that she would start breastfeeding her own daughter's baby once she gives birth in about six weeks. But until then, she thought it would be a good idea to have a test-run with her son's baby.

"This 70-year-old woman plans to breastfeed [my] sister-in-law’s first baby that’s due in a six weeks," the woman wrote, as quoted by Mirror. "She read that grandmas help breastfeed babies in some cultures and wants to give it a go. Now that she’s got this idea that she’s going to breastfeed ‘her grandbaby’, she’s started to come for me saying that she doesn’t want a stronger bond with one baby more than the other... And since he’s already here, she wants to start ‘practising’ breastfeeding with my baby in hopes it goes well and then she can breastfeed both my baby and [my] sister-in-law’s baby."

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With her own daughter due to give birth soon, the mother-in-law pictures herself breastfeeding both children together and seems quite eager to start with whichever one is available.
"She says she wants to breastfeed them at the same time... like her eyes gloss over as if it’s some dream of hers to tandem feed them," the daughter-in-law shared. "I can't even. This woman is a special kind of delusional. Can women that age really even re-lactate?"

After the mother-in-law's strange wishes were revealed, her son told her that they were not comfortable with the idea. But after the awkward conversation, the mother-in-law pinned the entire blame on the daughter-in-law and failed to see that even her son felt like it was crossing the line.

"Of course, this all falls onto me in her eyes, she’s mad saying I’m standing in the way of her having a closer bond with her grandbabies," the daughter-in-law went on to say. "I'm the reason. Even though my [husband] was equally grossed out. I told her to go talk to her doctor and find a lactation consultant if it’s that important to her, but that she will never ever breastfeed any of my babies no matter what."

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Many Reddit users felt that the mother-in-law was overstepping her boundaries, with one saying, "It’s inappropriate and massively crosses the line. But that should be the case, no matter mother-in-law’s age."

Another commented and said, "That's just a huge no-no from me! I couldn't imagine anyone but myself breastfeeding my children, let alone a woman in her 70's."

Defending the daughter-in-law and justifying her reaction, one individual said, "[This woman] is completely justified in being weirded out by the request."

"Oh my god. I am absolutely horrified for you," said another. "This would be enough to stop any unsupervised visits with nonverbal children for me. There’s no way she is willing to respect that boundary."

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