Woman outraged after being charged $11 by hospital for crying during her surgery

Woman outraged after being charged $11 by hospital for crying during her surgery

"Mole removal: $22. Crying: extra," she wrote on Twitter.

Of course, hospitals can be scary. There are trays full of needles everywhere, and the doctors seem to speak another language when they try to explain what's wrong with you.

Understandably, things can feel overwhelming when you're the one lying in the hospital bed. But one patient was not allowed to feel emotional and wound up getting billed by the hospital for crying during her surgery.

The woman named Midge shared her bill on Twitter and stirred up a storm for being charged an extra $11 for "Brief Emotion."

"Mole removal: $22. Crying: extra," Midge wrote on Twitter.

"I didn’t even get a dam sticker," she said and added, "Is a lollipop too much to ask?"


Social media users went on a rampage with their comments and pointed out the peculiarities of the American healthcare system.





After the strange experience of being charged for her feelings, Midge spoke to indy100 and revealed that the charge wasn't exactly for "crying." The bill had printed "Brief Emotion" as a shorthand for "brief emotional assessment," which she said was nothing more than a few questions on her mental health.

During a routine annual physical, Midge said she received a depression screening test but didn't know that it wasn't covered in the insurance. "It was basically 10 (or less) questions about mental health," she noted.




The viral tweet spurred several people to share their own bizarre experiences that took place within the four walls of a hospital. "I woke up while they were taking my wisdom teeth out. Specifically, I woke up while they were hammering on one of my teeth to split it in half," one person revealed, as quoted by Mirror. "They charged me for the extra anesthesia to put me back under."

Another commenter said, "I recently had a seizure and was super out of it afterward so I was charged for 'emotional assist' and when I asked about it the lady was just like 'Yes it says here you were distressed.' 'Dude no s***, you ever have a seizure lady?' My brain is literally misfiring what do you want."

Similar medical-related blunders were shared by Reddit users on a thread that asked: "What was your worst experience with a doctor or other medical professional?"

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A user who goes by the name lonelyfriend shared a friend's experience and said: "She came into E.R one day with abdominal pain but was referred back to her Family Physician and then to a specialist. Her abdominal pain was indicative of various diagnoses so she had some scanning tests done and I think even a biopsy. She was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer. Cue tears, meeting up, and enjoying life (i.e drinking). Dropped out of school. She has to get ready for chemo... Two weeks later... there was a mix-up with paperwork. She actually had a benign growth that could be removed safely."

Another user, MoCunnings shared a horrifying goof-up at the dentist's that made them never want to go back again. "Had to have a filling done, and the dentist numbed the wrong half of my mouth," the commenter said. "No big deal, I just told her as she was getting the drill, 'ma'am, I think you got the wrong part of my mouth. The tooth is on the left, but it feels normal.' She shrugs and goes, 'well, it should kick in by the time I get to it.' Not 10 seconds later, she just digs right up in there. I felt everything. The stinging of the drill made me legit cry and squeeze the color off the fabric in the arms of the chair."

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