Dad-to-be is left praying for a miracle after pregnant wife goes into a coma: "It means the world to us"

Dad-to-be is left praying for a miracle after pregnant wife goes into a coma: "It means the world to us"

All Daniel White can do now is pray and wait for his wife to recover and for his unborn child to remain healthy long enough before his delivery.

It was nothing short of a miracle when Daniel White and his wife Pia Reyes discovered they were pregnant in February. The couple was finally living their dream. However, it was unexpectedly snatched from them when Pia suffered a brain hemorrhage during Memorial Day weekend and ended up in a coma at 22 weeks pregnant. Now Daniel is left praying and fighting for another miracle.

"There's so many things we're fighting for and hoping for. It means the world to us," said the 42-year-old analyst who works for Virginia's Fairfax County in planning and development. Speaking about his 42-year-old partner, who also works as an analyst for the International Finance Corporation of the World Bank, Daniel said, "She's the most compassionate person you could ever meet. She never thinks about herself."

"She always thinks about other people. She's just sweet. She literally would do anything for somebody she would meet. Whatever it would take, she would bend over backwards for them just to make them happy," he added of his wife, who he met eight years ago on Match.com, according to PEOPLE.

The couple, who loves cooking, attending concerts, and golfing together, tied the knot on August 8, 2019. However, soon after they decided to expand their family, doctors informed them that they would have to undergo in vitro fertilization (IVF) in order to have children. That's why the two were over the moon when Pia became pregnant in late February without any fertility treatments.


"It just happened," recalled Daniel of their baby boy who is due October 17. They named their unborn child Noah and even bought a new home in Herndon back in April for their growing family. Things were looking up until the pair headed out to the North Carolina Outer Bank to visit Daniel's family on Hatteras Island ahead of Memorial Day. 

That week, on Thursday, Pia experienced a persistent headache and by Sunday night, her health began deteriorating. "She was sweating and running a little bit of a fever," recalls Daniel, who wiped her down after she threw up. "She seemed to be fine. Then she threw up a little bit more," shared Daniel who stayed beside his wife as she fell asleep.

Suddenly, he noticed that "her breathing changed" and became more erratic. "I tried to wake her up and she wasn't responsive," he added. Daniel immediately called 911 and they rushed her to The Outer Banks Hospital in Nags Head after resuscitation attempts. A CAT scan later revealed that Pia had a brain hemorrhage and doctors wanted to drain the fluid off Pia's brain and explained how the blood clot was putting pressure on her brain stem and causing the coma.

Source: GoFundMe | Donate to help Pia and Daniel White

"Because she was so young, they wanted to give her a chance. A chance to survive," Daniel shared, who now says "we're really in a holding pattern." Despite Pia's stable condition, doctors are unable to perform surgery due to the location of the blood clot. As for her pregnancy, her baby needs to make it to 23 or 24 weeks in order to have a viable delivery. "We can hear his heartbeat. That seems to be strong. So we're really hopeful, but there's so many unknowns," shared the distressed dad-to-be.

"That might be the spirit of Pia that goes on. So it means the world to me," he said of his unborn child. As for his wife, doctors are doing everything in their power. "They want to do everything they can for her. But we don't know how she'll come out of everything," expressed the heartbroken husband. "If she makes it, her quality of life could be pretty poor, but we don't really know since it is a brain injury and they've done some angiograms, but they can't really pinpoint any abnormalities, anything that really caused it."

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Cover image source: GoFundMe | Donate to help Pia and Daniel White

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