Woman returns home from hospital after giving birth to find her baby's father has eloped with her mother

Woman returns home from hospital after giving birth to find her baby's father has eloped with her mother

For months, she suspected that her mother and boyfriend were having an affair, but they denied it whenever she confronted them.

There was no grandmother around to dote on her newborn or even her baby's father to welcome her home when Jess Aldridge was finally discharged from the hospital with baby Reuben. Instead, she was met with the heartbreaking news of her mother, Georgina, having moved out of the house with her new boyfriend, who happened to be the father of Jess's children, Ryan Shelton.

Months before she gave birth, Jess thought it would be a great idea for her and 29-year-old Ryan to move in with her parents, especially after her mother, Georgina sold the idea to her.

"We went to live with my mum and dad after mum said she would help with the childcare," Jess told The Sun. "She promised it would be easier with the new baby but ­actually it was very, very tough."


With everyone cooped up in the house in Stow-on-the-Wold, Gloucestershire, things started getting extremely awkward for Jess as her mother began flirting with Ryan right from the beginning.

"We were stuck together for months in the house during lockdown. It was so hard especially as Ryan and mum were always being so flirty. I felt so uncomfortable, it was a horrible experience," Jess recalled.

After being in a relationship with Ryan for three years and giving birth to their daughter, Georgiana in ­September 2019, Jess began seeing her boyfriend spending more time with her mother.


"Usually, they would drink Bacardi and be laughing and joking around in the kitchen every night while my dad and I were on the sofa watching TV," Jess went on to say. "Once, I caught Ryan touching my mum’s bum—and he just said he was trying to get her to move out of his way. I had a feeling something was going on for months but I never wanted to believe it. It was disgusting. She would wear these short dresses and be all touchy-feely with him on the sofa."

Eventually, Ryan and Georgina began making excuses to leave Jess at home so they could be alone together. "Once I confronted them both about it and they just shrugged it off and said it was nothing," she said. "They always insisted there wasn’t anything between them but I always suspected they were up to something."

When the time arrived for Jess to give birth to Reuben, her mother Georgina was by her bed in the hospital, but hours later, she received a text from Ryan saying he wanted to break up with her. He claimed he was sick of Jess constantly accusing him of having an affair with Georgina.


"Ryan had seen baby Reuben for only a few minutes after he was born and then ten minutes the day afterwards as he was moving all his stuff," Jess said. "They were in such a rush. He had even had my mum waiting for him with the car packed in the car park."

On January 30, Jess came back home from the hospital to find her mother and boyfriend had left with all their belongings. But Ryan still wouldn't admit to the affair when Jess asked him.

"They finally admitted to me they were together a few days after I came out of hospital," Jess said. "...My mum told me she can’t help who she falls in love with and Ryan told me the same thing. It was a huge kick in the teeth, they had been planning it throughout my whole pregnancy."


Georgina's husband, Eric, was also "devastated" after his wife moving out with Ryan after having a six-month affair with him behind their backs.

Calling their actions "disgusting and vile," Jess said "he’s left me and our children and gone off with my mum. I’ve been put off men for a long time. I’m not looking for a boyfriend any time soon."

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