Woman stuffed her kitten in the washing machine and put it through a full cycle for being "naughty"

Woman stuffed her kitten in the washing machine and put it through a full cycle for being "naughty"

The woman claimed she had done it before and said the kitten came out "fine."

Trigger warning: The story contains details of animal abuse that might be distressing to some readers.

After an absolutely terrifying case of animal abuse came to light, a woman is now banned from ever having pets because of what she did to her 12-week-old kitten.

The 54-year-old pet owner, Catherine Young, cruelly punished her kitten, Morritz, for pooing inside her house in Clacton, Essex, in the UK.

Instead of resorting to tried-and-tested methods of training her kitten, Catherine wound up brutally punishing the defenseless animal by putting her inside a washing machine. Catherine then switched the washing machine on and made Morritz suffer through an entire cycle.

"It is my opinion that the deceased kitten had undergone significant unnecessary suffering by being deliberately placed in a washing machine and then this being placed on a wash cycle," said RSPCA inspector Jessica Dayes in her witness statement to the court. "The spinning of the machine and the water would have caused significant pain, injury, and huge amounts of stress."


Before Catherine shoved the tiny animal into the washing machine, she reportedly smeared the kitten's face into its own feces because Morritz was being "naughty." She then put the kitten in the washing machine to have her fur cleaned. But the shocking punishment severely injured Morritz and led to her painful death.

Catherine then took Morritz's cold and stiff body to the vet along with her other cat named Bobbitz. The fur on Morritz's limp body was still wet at the time, according to Mirror.

When questioned about what happened to the cat, Catherine narrated the unbelievable punishment she doled out to the Morritz and claimed this wasn't the first time she had done so. Catherine said Morritz always came out "fine" whenever she put the kitten for an entire cycle in the washing machine.

As more horrifying details came out, it was also discovered that Catherine would let her cats go hungry for long periods of time. If she found them naughty, she said she wouldn't give them any food or water for 24 hours.


While Morritz died a tragic death in June, 2021, the vets found that Bobbitz was healthy and doing fairly well.

RSPCA inspector, Jessica Dayes, investigated the case, and later said: "No other animals were seen at the address, however empty litter trays, cat litter, a broken cat carrier and a bag of cat food were still in the kitchen."

In court proceedings that followed, Catherine represented herself and told the court she had mental health issues as well as a personality disorder.

Along with a fine of more than $270 (£200), Catherine was ordered by the court to pay about $200 (145) in costs. In addition to this, she also had to fund victim surcharge which amounted to roughly $47 (£34).

Catherine is currently banned from ever keeping animals in her care, whereas her other cat, Bobbitz, was moved to a new home and renamed Gulliver.

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