Woman claimed she was too high to realize she was aiding her boyfriend in sexual abuse of a child

Woman claimed she was too high to realize she was aiding her boyfriend in sexual abuse of a child

When the woman wasn't at home, her boyfriend would give the girl alcohol and try to get her to perform sexual favors.

Trigger warning: The story contains details of child sexual abuse that might be distressing to some readers.

A 37-year-old woman accused of a heinous crime had an excuse to give for why she helped sexually abuse an underage child. Before she was sentenced to spending the next 20 years of her life behind bars, Bethany Siniard said she was too high to realize she was helping her boyfriend sexually abuse the young girl.

During the incident, Bethany had snapped a topless photo of a girl in a bathtub and sent it to her boyfriend, Gregory Anderson, 49, a fellow pedophile. Other details found by investigators revealed that Bethany would make the young teen drink alcohol and get her drunk before clicking pictures and making videos while the teen was in the nude or wearing different outfits.

Not only would Gregory ultimately get these pictures and videos, but would also try getting her to do sexual favors by giving her alcohol while Bethany wasn't home, according to WAAY 31.

Later, after admitting to creating child pornography, Bethany's excuse in court for her grave crime was that she was too high to realize she was sexually abusing the child, who was reportedly a relative of hers.


As court proceedings took place, her lawyer Michael Tewalt said, as reported by Metro, "Siniard explained she took the topless photo because Anderson had drugged her, and she was unaware of her actions. Mrs Siniard was involuntarily intoxicated during much of these events and cannot recall much of the conduct."

If she had not complied with Gregory's demands, Bethany felt she would "get beat" by the man and was afraid of him going to the extent of killing her, according to claims made by the lawyer.

A couple of years before Bethany received her sentence on Monday, March 15, she and her boyfriend were arrested in 2018 after the plight of the girl was brought to the notice of the police. According to The News Courier, the teenager was self-harming and was taken to the hospital for observation. Soon, the child had a conversation with a counselor and revealed how Bethany would abuse her.

The teenager opened up about how Bethany would click pictures of her and share them with Gregory, leading to the couple's homes in Elkmont, Alabama being investigated. Police recovered a variety of sex toys in Gregory's home along with pictures of child sexual abuse and of animals being sexually abused.

After evidence was collected, the couple faced child exploitation charges, and following the claims about her being too high to realize what she was doing, Bethany was given a jail sentence of around 20 years. Gregory was also given a sentence of 20 years in January of this year.

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According to the US Department of Justice, Special Agent in Charge Katrina W. Berger, who oversees Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) operations in Georgia and Alabama, said after Bethany's sentencing, "Today's sentencing should send a strong and clear message that the exploitation of children will not be tolerated. HSI remains committed to working with our law enforcement partners to investigate these crimes, hold the perpetrators accountable and to ensure justice for our nation's most vulnerable population."

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