Father-daughter duo drives around and donates RVs to people that have lost their homes in wildfires

Father-daughter duo drives around and donates RVs to people that have lost their homes in wildfires

They have driven thousands of miles and taken several road trips across California, Oregon, and Washington to help wildfire survivors.

A father and daughter are becoming the ray of hope for people that have lost nearly everything they own in devastating wildfires.

Woody Faircloth and his 9-year-old daughter, Luna, have spent much of the last couple of years driving around to deliver RVs. They have traveled thousands of miles to burned townships and donated motorhomes to individuals that helplessly watched their own homes be charred to the ground.


Over the last couple of years, wildfires have ravaged a number of areas in the US, and many families are still struggling to reel from the loss. That's why Woody has decided to step in and personally deliver RVs to these families.

As Woody goes on long road trips across California, Oregon, and Washington, his daughter gets to ride beside him and see numerous families move closer to getting back on their feet.


It was in 2018 when the father decided to begin his mission after watching a news report on TV. He saw a man having to escape in an RV after the Camp Fire, which was the country's worst wildfire in a century, burn down his home in California. Although the man lost his house, he still had a roof over his head because of the RV.

This struck a chord with Woody, who has lived in a motorhome himself in the past.

With a burning desire to help others, the recently divorced father asked Luna what he thought of the idea.

"Why don’t we get an RV and drive it out there and give it to a family that lost their home? What do you think about that?" Woody recalled, as quoted by Anchorage Daily News.

"Aw, Dad, God and Santa Claus are gonna be proud of us," said Luna, who was 6 years old at the time.


His daughter's words were enough for Woody, and so they set out in a motorhome he found on Craigslist and drove 3 days to deliver it to a Camp Fire survivor. The father-daughter duo celebrated Thanksgiving on the road that year and dropped off the motorhome to mark the beginning of a big adventure.

Since then, Woody has continued making several trips whilst balancing his full-time job at a telecom company. He tries to plan most of the trips on the weekend and holidays so he can deliver the RVs to as many people as possible. 


As word got around, more and more people started donating their RVs, and Woody drives them personally while Luna rides shotgun on most of the trips.

"My favorite part is helping others," Luna told ABC News. "And hanging out with my dad."

Woody's mission has now turned into the non-profit called EmergencyRV.org, and he delivered his 96th RV in September, 2021.


The donated RVs have truly made a difference for several people, including firefighter George Wolley, who lost his own house while battling with the Dixie Fire on August 4.

"Before I got that RV, I felt like I was a burden on everybody that helped me," Wolley told Anchorage Daily News. "I slept a lot in tents and in my car. It gave me a place to go."

For Woody and Luna, the road trips will continue as there are over 100 families currently on EmergencyRV.org’s waitlist.

Cover image source: RV4CampfireFamily/Facebook

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