YouTuber arrested for tying helium balloons around pet dog to make it fly in the air

YouTuber arrested for tying helium balloons around pet dog to make it fly in the air

Gaurav Sharma tried to justify his actions by saying he took “all safety measures” while making the clip.

Trigger Warning: This story contains details of animal abuse that may be disturbing to readers. 

Gaurav Sharma, a 32-year-old YouTuber from Delhi, India, decided he was in need of some new content to spice things up. And he thought the best thing to do was to tie his dog, Dollar, to a bunch of helium balloons. According to Metro, pomeranian took off the floor and began to float in the air because of the balloons. The video was shared on the YouTuber's channel, but later taken down due to the immense criticism that came Sharma's way. 

However, it didn't take long for the video to be circulated on social media. Sharma can be seen adding more balloons to Dollar until he floats. Towards the middle of the video, he does take a break and give his dog some water to drink as it'd been running around. Eventually, the dog has enough balloons for it to easily float up, as Sharma gets atop a car and lets Dollar go. An unidentified person on the second floor balcony grabs the bunch of balloons, thus rescuing Dollar, amid cheers and claps. 



Despite saying he took “all safety measures” while making the clip, officials from People For Animals filed a complaint against Sharma at a local police station, according to Indian Express. There is another woman in the video, but it is unclear as to what actions has been taken against her. 

DCP Atul Kumar Thakur said he received a complaint from PFA that alleged that Sharma risked his dog’s life. “We registered an FIR under sections of the Disaster Management Act and Prevention to Cruelty to Animals Act. The accused, a resident of Panchseel Vihar in Malviya Nagar, was arrested, but released later on Thursday evening, as it is a bailable offence. He told us he is a YouTuber and made the video for his channel,” said Thakur.



The vlogger with over 4.16 Million subscribers admitted on his channel "Gauavzone" that he was wrong. "I admit my mistake, but I personally had taken all the safety measures before flying the video. I love my pet like my child. It was the wrong content that has gone out I am also a pet lover. I got influenced by seeing some video from outside. I apologise for that and I will appeal to all of those watching to not get influence[d] by my video."

Previous videos of him with his pet Dollar shows that there might be some truth to what he's saying, but it's just not okay to treat any animal this way. 


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