"Your sister is ready": He broke up with his girlfriend over the phone by asking her sister to marry him

"Your sister is ready": He broke up with his girlfriend over the phone by asking her sister to marry him

He said he cannot wait any longer because he's 32 and wants a family.

Starting a new chapter in your life, especially something like marriage, can seem daunting for some. But when you are ready, you want to make sure it is with someone who will never betray you. One young woman, however, learned the hard way that even though you do love someone, their priorities can be so different that it'll result is something truly heartbreaking.

In a chat thread that's surfaced online, a relationship is seen coming to an end but in the worst way possible. In the leaked WhatsApp chat, the man breaks up with his girlfriend  because her sister is ready to marry him instead.


In the chat, Stephen admits that "it's very strange," but also adds, "not my fault." He wants to blame the circumstances for it. When the girlfriend accuses him by saying, "This is all I get. A boyfriend that's attracted to my elder sister?" He gives the reasons why he's taken this step.


He says that the girl is 24 years old and has the time to think about marriage but he is 32. "I don't have that time. My mates have kids," he said and added, "I love you but I don't have time to wait for love. Your sister is ready." He further goes on to explain that her sister being 29 years old understands his "urgency to get married."


When the girlfriend tries to change his mind by pointing out that her sister doesn't love him, he replies saying, "I just want a wife." He continues, "In the end I'm just looking for a companion. Not necessarily love anymore."

The girlfriend could not believe what she was reading so she told Stephen how unfair he was being, throwing away everything just for the sake of marriage, to which he replied, "I can't wait for you. I don't hold anything against you but you have to understand, I'm doing this with your sister because she's ready."




His girlfriend then went on to explain how heartbroken she would be after seeing the love of her life tying the knot with her sister who doesn't love him. Even after she "promised" to say yes in a year as she would be done with her studies, he did not budge from his decision. He said, "Next year I'll be 33 and your sister will be 30. As much as it hurts to get married to someone I don't love, I need a family right now."


Stephen's girlfriend then "begged" him to wait one more year but he said that it would just be a "waste" of time for both him and his sister who's ready to settle down. After a long discussion, they both realized that the boat had reached its destination and there was no other way to move forward other than end things.
While the girlfriend said, "I guess your mind is made up," Stephen said, "It hurts but its necessary... it's for the best."




This story is proof that human relationships are weird. It takes a lot of effort from both the parties involved to make it work and move forward. Understanding plays a major role. So all the folks out there, tread softly. Take time to figure out each other's needs. Nobody wants their heart broken in such a cruel way, especially in text.

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